Friendly casual tarot reading meetings for females

2023/02/28 15:53:00
Tarot san
Chelsea & Kensington , Kensington

Hello. I wanted to share my experience of attending the monthly tarot readings gatherings in Kensington. In everyday life you accumulate many different feelings, wonders, worries and questions. This is a good way to ease your emotions and give you directions in life through Tarot readings and Q&A.

This is a monthly meeting and only limited numbers are invited as we aim to have cosy atmosphere taken place in weekday evening. If you are interested, please contact me by email. Only females are considered. If you are not comfortable to try Tarot readings, you can oversee what other people are doing. Joining fee for the meeting is GBP35 for two hours session. Delicious snacks and finger foods are provided. Please bring your own drink.

I found it very insightful and eye-opening as you will focus on what you need to change or would like to see a completely different way of thinking. I started to learn new things as a result of the meeting.

Would you like to have positive experience in life? No negatives. A lot of laughter and you can meet fantastic people.

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