Petition to Parliament to ban unpaid work trials

2020/10/23 19:33:33
ロンドンエリア外 , Glasgow

Some bad business lure young people for job interviews at a busiest time and use them as free labour, then tell them they will let them know if they got the job, although there aren’t any such opportunities.

These unfair treatments are seen everywhere in modern UK, but in the grey zone for the Law.

A 19 -year-old Ellen Reynolds, from Glasgow has started a petition to Parliament to ban all unpaid work trials.

Young people are in a disadvantageous position, more and more struggle make ends meet.

Please support her campaign, Ban all unpaid work trial periods-petitions.

There more details from 9:15 am on 21/10/2020 BBC 1 program Rip Off Britain and BBC Web News I worked a five-hours shift and got paid nothing.

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