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2020/11/18 10:24:36
Go-between paid £21m in taxpayer funds for NHS PPE
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BBC 1 NEWS 10PM News 17 November 2020
Go-between paid £21m in taxpayer funds for NHS PPE
By Phil Kemp

Jewellery designer Michael Saiger, who brokered PPE contracts for the NHS, at a fashion show in 2009

A Spanish businessman who acted as a go-between to secure protective garments for NHS staff in the coronavirus pandemic was paid $28m (£21m) in UK taxpayer cash.

The consultant had been in line for a further $20m of UK public funds, documents filed in a US court reveal.

The legal papers also reveal the American supplier of the PPE called the deals "lucrative".

The Department of Health said proper checks are done for all contracts.

A legal dispute playing out in the courts in Miami has helped shine a light on the amount of money some companies have made supplying the NHS with equipment to protect staff from Covid infection.

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