Online Sales Person Required -No Experience Needed

2024/06/11 13:06:21
Barnet , Edgware

Sell Fine Jewellery on-line on ebay. It's very easy and requires very little time and effort.

English is not necessary! No experience necessary and you can start immediately!

The Jewellery are made of Silver, Gold/Silver, Gold/Diamond, Silver/Diamond and they sell well on ebay.

You can view some of my products on this twitter page; @JCFineJewellery (

All the products in stock and in large quantity. And I constantly replace the stock, so there will always be products for you to sell.

You do not need to invest any money and English is not a problem. All you need is an ebay account.

If you're already a Seller on ebay then you'll be able to sell a lot of these products each day. And for each item sold you'll received a commission.

But if you don't have an ebay account yet don't worry it is very easy and free to setup an ebay account. Go to and create a free account and a Seller Account. If you need help creating a Seller Account please let me know and I'll assist. And I'll help you list the products for sell on your Seller Account. So you don't need any experience. And you need to list the Products just once.

I'll be responsible for posting the items sold from your ebay account. So all you need to do is check your Sold Section and then email me Postage Label at your convenience at least once each day and I'll post to your buyers. So the most you'll spend is 10 mins. And I guarantee to post them promptly and email you Proof.

Again it's very easy to generate Delivery Labels on ebay but should you need any assistance I'll show you how to do everything - it's very easy and simple, so you need not worry at all.

Ebay will send the balance of the Purchase Price to your bank account after deducting their Selling Fees.

The more you sell the more you'll improve your ebay profile and the more your profile improves the more money you make.

You'll still carry out your usual job and activities because you only check your ebay sells whenever it suits you.
I'm in North London, but you can sell from any part of London/UK. So it doesn't matter where you live because it's on-line sell.

Please contact me by email; or phone 07587801570
Please don’t send a text message; send email or phone me.

Thank you and Kindest Regards

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