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2021/08/05 08:14:17

I’m a British citizen, born, raised and living in London. I’m TEFL/ TESOL certified and have 6+ years experience as an English language tutor and consultant. My past experiences also include working in the insurance, property, and retail industry. I've helped many Japanese, and international business professionals and students:

✔️ Improve their Spoken English, Listening, Reading & Writing Ability.
✔️ Pass Interviews/ Gain Employment/ Secure Job Promotions.
✔️ Conduct Presentations/ Speeches/ Meetings in English.

◆ Conversational English ◆ - I will help you:
- Improve your accent to sound more clear, natural, professional, and passionate!
- Correct your mistakes in order to be better understood.
- Learn new vocabulary, phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions.

◆ Business English ◆- I will help you with:
- Work projects and tasks that require the use of English.
- Error checking (proof reading) and improvement of files and documents, paying close attention to the content, spelling, punctuation, grammar and formatting.
- Delivering excellent presentations/ slide-shows for work.
- Communicating effectively to English speaking international clients for business meetings/ projects.
- Speeches; We will practice and work on pronunciation and smooth delivery.
- Writing professional, polite and friendly business emails.
- English usage on websites/ social media.

◆ English Job Interview Prep ◆ - I will help you:
- Practice job interview questions and answers.
- Check and improve your CV/ Resume.
- Complete job applications and understand the job description and requirements.
- Understand and research the business/ company.

◆ General English ◆ - I will:
- Provide a mixture of activities, helping you to better your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

◆ British English ◆ - As a native Londoner, I will:
- Advise you on the polite usage of English in formal situations.
- Teach casual/ informal English and slang for use with family and friends.
- Help with British pronunciation.

◆ Miscellaneous ◆ - I will:
-Try my best to help with any other unique tasks.

I can help you achieve a variety of goals that require the use of English. I teach students of all levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced. You are welcome to supply your own materials if you prefer.

Free trial lesson (1 hour)

Please book a free trial lesson! We will have a discussion about your goals and create a plan together. Please do not hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions.

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