2019/04/21 08:22:03
Murray Jacobs

Work with a qualified tutor who spent over 10 years working in Japan.

If you are a non-native speaker and want to improve your writing and/or listening ability then why not work with a qualified and very experienced British TEFL instructor. This is suitable for adults and children. This will be done online, so you can do the writing and/or listening activities at a time that is suitable for you or your children. You will get feedback within 48 hours.
If you need to improve your writing, whether it’s for essays or for exams like IELTS or C1 Advanced (CAE) exam, look no further!

Send your writing and it will be checked by an EFL-qualified native British language teacher with many years of exam-writing experience helping people improve their scores.

Your grammar, spelling, vocabulary choice and structure will all be checked and you will be given advice on how you could have made it even better in regard to the exam criteria.

You can also receive some clues about what to change BEFORE you see the corrected writing and see if you can predict some of the mistakes/areas for improvement.

The cost will depend on the standard of your writing and the estimated time required for corrections and comments.

Why not try a free trial? If you send a piece of your writing, we will correct part of it, so that you can see exactly what to expect in terms of corrections and comments and we will also then give you a quote for further writing checks.

As for listening, if you have trouble catching exactly what native English speakers are saying at natural speed, this training can help you. The training focuses on developing your listening skills and is suitable for non-native speakers at any level of ability. There are numerous reasons why it can be difficult to understand spoken English, but the more you know, the better chance you have of understanding what is actually being said.
Let us know if you are interested and you can have a free trial. We will send you a sound file for you to dictate and we will correct any mistakes you made and give you some comments as to why you may have made the mistakes you did.

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