hair models needed

2020/01/16 13:18:23
Camden , 159 Drury Lane, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5QG
Covent Garden

we are a Japanese salon based in covent garden. if you wish to be a hair model for ms.imosan who works at the famous hayatolondon. please feel free to write on her as the services are only paid in cash at the salon on arrival but processed later with management because this advert is separate service an goes through salon.

1.Roots retouch 25pound for grey cover. taking 1hour and 20minutes.

2.single colour 30pound or only ash brown or black. 1hr and 30minutes

3.if you want bright colour like Vidal Sassoon style that requires bleach like light silver or amix dark blue or dark smokey silver. the colour will be applyed to the faceline or under cut part the colour will be applied to this area only so think of Vidal Sassoon style. that will only cost 45pound and include shampoo and blowdry and hair iron for finishing. only taking 2hours

4. for babylights so thin highlights from middle of hair. you could also get a full head vivid colour so it could come out intense. it includes olaplex treatement to restore the hair to prevent damage.
you could have colours like
light or dark silver , dark or light green, bright yellow, bright or dark orange, dark purple, dark blue or red will cost 120pounds its a long process taking 3hour and half.

5. cuts are 15pound for round layer meaning all sections are same length and front is shorter and back is longer.

6. Japanese straightening for customer that already had it before from our salon or another salon. costing 60pounds. the process is 4hour and 30minutes. how long ago did you get your previous straightening.
have you used any perm or bleach colour since please tell me before in email its important to prevent any damage to hair.

please send me photo via email of a picture of your hair so like a selfie showing the length before and your target colour thank you.

many thanks,


Rainbow hair
Smokey silver
Victoria beckham bob style
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